Bespoke modelling


data analysis.

Problems, solved

We specialise in solving problems that no one has seen before.

We have many years of commercial consulting experience. We are pragmatic, level headed and understand the need for outcomes that generate revenue. We live and breathe both research and business.

It takes a special kind of person to step into the unknown and come back with something commercially focussed. That's what we do.

Think of us (and our network) as your own personal Skunkworks, ready to be deployed and operate as a part of your team.

Ideas, implemented

Past engagements include:

  • Implementation of an "actuary-as-a-service" website.
  • Building trading platforms for financial services companies.
  • Building derivative pricing models for a variety of industries.
  • Modelling and advice for cryptocurrency based payment networks.
  • HR, payroll and process analysis for large public sector organisations.
  • A business case for a new payment method based on Australia's new fast settlement service.
  • Implementation of the world's first software capable of simulating certain differential equations for all time and all space.
  • Design of algorithms for statistical quality control of genetic sequencing in clinical settings.
  • New algorithms for speciality UI features for mathematical word processing on mobile platforms.

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